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In a state of panic, it’s easy to make rash choices. This is often the case for those involved in car accidents. Out of fear, a person may flee the scene of a crash. Perhaps they worry about getting arrested, or maybe they can’t afford the potential hike in their insurance payments.

If you’ve fled the scene of a vehicle wreck, you need to seek help right away. With a fast-acting attorney, you could potentially avoid criminal repercussions.

At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, we believe it is our job to defend New Yorkers’ constitutional right to a defense. Our number one philosophy is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and we work hard to protect that innocence. With over 100 years of combined legal experience, our team has the tools and the knowledge to defend you in a hit-and-run incident.

If you’ve fled the scene of an accident in Westchester County, get in touch with our firm right away. Call us now at (914) 840-5104 for help.

Hit-and-Run Accidents in New York

According to § 600,

“Any person operating a motor vehicle who, knowing or having cause to know that damage has been caused to the real property or to the personal property, not including animals, of another, due to an incident involving the motor vehicle operated by such person shall, before leaving the place where the damage occurred, stop, exhibit his or her license and insurance identification card for such vehicle, when such card is required pursuant to articles six and eight of this chapter, and give his or her name, residence, including street and number, insurance carrier and insurance identification information including but not limited to the number and effective dates of said individual's insurance policy, and license number to the party sustaining the damage, or in case the person sustaining the damage is not present at the place where the damage occurred then he or she shall report the same as soon as physically able to the nearest police station, or judicial officer.

Hit-and-Run Penalties in New York

Penalties depend on the details of the accident.

  • Hit-and-Run with Only Property Damage
    Up to 15 days in jail; fines up to $250
  • Hit-and-Run Resulting in Injury
    Up to 15 days in jail; fines up to $250

From there, punishments become more complex. The police can add extra charges to your case. For instance, they can accuse you of “refusing to provide insurance,” adding months to your sentence. If there is a fatality, you could be hit with a separate manslaughter charge.

Our firm can help attack each allegation separately, defending you against all allegations related to your case.

What to Do After You’ve Fled from an Accident

Contact an Attorney Immediately

Before you do anything else, find a safe place to sit for a second and gather your thoughts. We suggest finding the nearest store parking lot.

Next, you need to reach out to an attorney. Most of us have smartphones with internet capabilities. Find a firm you can call for help. Use your maps function, and see if there is a firm close by.

There is a common misconception that money must officially change hands before a lawyer can call you their client. In most cases, this is an urban myth. Once your attorney expresses their intent to represent you, you are now their client. You are racing against time. The quicker you can secure representation, the better off you will be.

Our firm is open on Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We also have an online contact form you can use during off hours. We are committed to giving a swift response to those in need, and we are standing by to help.

Follow Your Lawyer’s Advice

Naturally, people who are gripped by fear want to control their situation. It’s easy to make quick decisions in the attempt. Remember, your attorney is looking after your best interests. Keep in mind that they are working fast for you as well. Even if you don’t fully understand their instructions, follow them. These directions can protect you later.

Stay Silent

If authorities do catch up with you, remember that you have the right to remain silent. You may need to answer some basic identification questions. Aside from that, you are not obligated to tell them any details about what happened.

If the police do move forward with an arrest, just continue to stay silent and follow your attorney’s orders. Stay calm, don’t resist, and above all, say nothing.

How Our Firm Can Help

Hit-and-run cases are common in New York. The state has the fourth largest population in the Union, so traffic accidents are inevitable. A quick internet search will reveal a litany of hit-and-run incidents in Westchester County. Often, you will find one headline detailing a case followed by many other events in the same area.

Before authorities can make a formal charge, they must go through the pre-filing process. This was where they fill out all the paperwork, contact all the necessary people, and so on.

Similarly, an attorney can create a pre-filing defense. This is essentially a way of stopping the charge from going through all the necessary channels. If your attorney can get this defense into the right hands quickly enough, they could stop the charges from ever becoming official.

Our team can get to work for you right away. We understand the need for urgency in certain legal situations. Our firm is always prepared to defend our clients in court. However, stopping charges from going that far is an even better outcome.

When you’ve been accused of a hit-and-run in Westchester County, our firm is here to help. Call us right away at (914) 840-5104 or contact us online.

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