What Are the Processes of the Harrison Town Court?

What Are the Processes of the Harrison Town Court?

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The Harrison Town Court, located at 1 Heineman Place, Harrison, New York 10528, is an extremely busy town court in Westchester County. It handles criminal cases and traffic tickets from nearby I-287, I-684, the Hutchinson River Parkway, and I-95. The Town and Village Attorneys prosecute the Town and Village matters relating to violations of the local law and codes. Criminal cases ranging from DWIs to misdemeanors and felonies are prosecuted by the Westchester County District Attorney, which maintains its Bureau office in Purchase, NY.

The Town/Village of Harrison is about 30 miles northeast of New York City and is surrounded by White Plains, Rye, and Mamaroneck.

Typical traffic cases handled in the Court include:

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Harrison Town Court Meet?

The Harrison Town Court meets every Tuesday for criminal actions and Thursday for vehicle and traffic matters.

What Happens After a DWI Arrest in Harrison?

After a DWI arrest in Harrison, a court date will be issued for an appearance before a judge for arraignment. The prosecutor will be present during the hearing.

Do I Need an Attorney for a DWI Charge in Harrison?

Yes, DWI is a crime in New York State, and you must have an attorney to protect your interests.

Do I Need an Attorney for My First Court Appearance?

Yes, it is crucial to have an attorney at your first DWI appearance in the Town of Harrison. Important decisions regarding possible mandated treatment, license suspension, bail, and discovery are made, and it is necessary to have an experienced DWI lawyer.

What Is the Legal Limit for BAC?

A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading of .08% or more will result in a charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI). Lower than a .08% BAC reading will result in the lesser included offense of driving while ability impaired (DWAI). A BAC reading of .18% or more will result in the charge of aggravated DWI.

What Are the Penalties for a First-Time DWI Charge?

The penalties for a first-offense DWI include 1 year in jail, up to 3 years of probation, 6-month driver's license revocation, fines between $500 and $1000, state mandatory surcharge, mandated MADD class, mandated treatment, mandated Impaired Driving Program (IDP), mandated ignition interlock device for at least 1 year, and/or other court requirements such as community service.

How Long Does a Harrison Court Appearance Take?

The Harrison Court is extremely busy and is one of the highest revenue-generating courts in New York State. The actual time before a judge may be only 10 minutes, but the waiting time can be long, depending on the volume of cases. In some instances, this includes the entire morning. Court typically starts at 9:30 am. There can be long lines to enter the courthouse and go through security.

Who Prosecutes DWI Cases in the Harrison Court?

The Westchester County District Attorney is the prosecutor for all DWI cases in the Town of Harrison. The local branch office located in Purchase, New York covers the Harrison Court. In the event of a felony DWI charge the matter begins in the Harrison Town Court but can only be prosecuted as a felony in the Westchester County Court located in White Plains.

Can a DWI Charge Be Reduced by Plea in the Town of Harrison?

A plea depends on several factors, including the strength of the prosecutor's case, BAC reading, if an accident was caused, if injuries resulted, prior offenses (including prior DWIs), substance abuse issues, and background of the accused. A DWI defense attorney will explain all options to proceed, including possible defenses.

Will a DWI Charge in the Town of Harrison Appear in the News or Online?

Depending on the nature of the case, a DWI arrest may appear in a police blotter, on the news, or online. Typically, a DWI charge will not appear in the news or online. The police department and the district attorney's office may issue a press release, and if necessary, a DWI defense attorney can respond accordingly.

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