Why Hire Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP?

When you need an attorneys help in Westchester or the surrounding Counties, there are no shortage of options.

Here are several ways Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP differentiates itself from others, making it an excellent choice for your legal needs.

Experienced: 20 years of experience. Our experienced attorneys often represent clients in high-stakes litigation and understand what it takes to be a top lawyer in our practice areas of criminal defense, divorce, family law and traffic tickets.

Focused: Our law firm primarily handles criminal, divorce and family law cases as those matters routinely overlap and a knowledge of all three areas is necessary for proper and effective representation.

Published: Andrew Proto and David Sachs are published authors in the areas of DWI defense and the defense of drug crimes.

Successful: We measure our law firm's success by the outcome of our clients' cases and how satisfied they are with the results. We want our clients to be truly satisfied with the outcome and the legal service we provide.

Responsive: Our clients often tell us that they are impressed by how responsive we are to them, personally, as well as to developments in their case. They view our responsiveness favorably compared with attorneys they have worked with in the past or with horror stories they have heard from family and friends.

Passion: We are passionate about the law and problem solving for our clients. We pride ourselves in helping our clients and protecting their rights.

Caring: We care not only about your case, but also about the community were we and work. We have lectured at schools, supported local youth organizations and routinely donate our time and money to charitable causes.

Reach our New York law offices for a free initial consultation and case evaluation. Contact us online or by telephone at (914) 840-5104.