How Will the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Shutdown Affect Divorce and Family Law Matters?

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The New York State Court System is at an almost total shutdown due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and Governor Cuomo's Executive Orders. Currently, the only matters that the Court will hear include the following:

Family Court:

  1. Child protection intake cases involving removal applications
  2. Newly filed juvenile delinquency intake cases involving remand placement applications, or modification thereof
  3. Emergency family offense petitions/temporary orders of protection
  4. Orders to show cause
  5. Stipulations on submission
  6. Any other matter that the court deems essential

Supreme Court (Divorce Matters):

  1. Temporary orders of protection (including but not limited to matters involving domestic violence)
  2. Any other matter that the court deems essential

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Where are these matters being heard during the Coronavirus?

If your matter falls under any of these categories, the New York Court System is open to help you immediately. The Courts in Westchester County have been consolidated and are meeting at the Supreme and County Courthouse located at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Blvd., White Plains, NY.

It is important that you have an experienced New York family law attorney file the necessary paperwork, confirm court appearances and arrange for the appearance before the correct Judge. The Family Law and Divorce attorneys at Proto, Sachs & Brown are open for business and ready to assist you in any Family Court or Divorce action.

What can be done to advance a Divorce case while the Courts are closed?

Even with the Court system adjourning matters for the time being during the COVID-19 outbreak, much can be done to advance divorce cases. A considerable amount of the divorce process actually takes place outside of the actual court appearances. The discovery process (ie. the exchange of Statements of Net Worth and other financial documents, etc.) can be advanced, settlement discussions can be furthered and divorce agreements can be drafted and signed. Proceeding with these aspects of the divorce process will significantly minimize, or entirely eliminate, any delay created by the current circumstances.

When will the New York Courts Reopen?

It is unclear when the New York Court System will fully reopen to business as usual. At our law firm, we have been receiving instructions that certain matters are postponed until late April or early May. Some matters have been postponed without a new date but our family law and divorce attorneys expect the late Spring and early Summer to be exceptionally busy.

Will I have a delay when the Courts Reopen?

Yes, there will be a delay but our clients at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP will be at the front of the line as our submissions are ready to go once the Courts fully reopen. It is important in any divorce or family court action to use this time wisely and prepare all paperwork in advance to avoid long delays when the Court fully reopens.

Do I have to leave my home to start a Family Court or Divorce Case?

No, you do not need to leave your home. Our law firm is fully equipped to conduct telephone/video conferences and can receive paperwork from your either by fax, email or a large file transfer. Our attorneys then can respond to you in the same fashion. Your health is our number one concern and we have made all necessary changes to protect your health and the health of your family.

What type of Family Court and Divorce matters do you handle?

Our office handles all Divorce matters. Attorney Keith Brown exclusively handles the law firm’s divorce cases and is available for a free initial telephone/video conference. This includes contested and uncontested divorce matters.

We also handle all Family Court matters. Attorneys Andrew Proto and David Sachs are available for a free initial telephone/video conference. We can start work immediately on custody, visitation, child support, neglect and adoption proceedings. In addition, we are ready to defend against Any CPS investigations or fair hearings.

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