Top 5 Things That Can Be Used Against You During Your Westchester County Divorce

1. Excessive Spending – Your divorce is not the time to buy a boat, sports car, jewelry or expensive gifts. “Marital Waste” is the intentional destruction or depletion of marital assets by a spouse, which would otherwise be subject to divorce proceedings.

2. Hidden Assets -- Hiding or moving money from personal or business accounts is a problem and usually traceable through documentation discovery.

3. New Romantic Relationships -- Dating during your divorce is permissible but could be harmful for considering the children of the marriage. Any romantic partner who has contact with your children will be scrutinized and can complicate a custody settlement.

4. Social Media – Do not post anything unless you are prepared to defend it in front of a judge.

5. Text Messages and Emails – All are subject to discovery. Be very careful what you put in writing as it can limit negotiations and potentially be harmful.

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