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Ardsley, NY Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer- Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP

The traffic ticket defense attorneys at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP take great care and pride in the fact that we have successfully defended countless drivers facing various types of traffic infractions in the Ardsley Court. More importantly, we are willing to put that proven track record of success to work to defend your traffic case.

Recently, our defense lawyer appeared in the Ardsley Court to defend a ticket issued by an Ardsley police officer for failing to use due care for a stopped emergency vehicle on Interstate 87. The client, a New York State licensed driver, was concerned that his previously unblemished driving record was going to be tarnished by this three point violation.

The matter was scheduled for trial in the Ardsley Village Justice Court.

During the trial, our attorney moved to dismiss all of the charges at the close of the prosecution's case, arguing that the prosecution failed to present sufficient evidence and make out a case against the client. After some deliberation, the trial judge agreed and the ticket issued was dismissed.

By zealously defending the client and requesting a trial, our traffic ticket defense lawyers successfully defended a very serious traffic ticket. With the dismissal, the client avoided the three point penalty against his license and saved hundreds of dollars in fines and surcharges.

A Proven Track Record of Traffic Ticket Defense in Ardsley, NY

If you receive a traffic or speeding ticket in Ardsely, NY, let our experienced Ardsley defense lawyers fight for your rights and protect your driver's license.

In most cases, we can even make sure that your daily life is not impacted by helping you to avoid having to appear in court.

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