Criminal Possession of a Weapon Charged Dismissed

White Plains Criminal Defense Attorney David R. Sachs successfully argued before the Bronx County Criminal Court to have a charge of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree dismissed.

Much is at stake when someone faces criminal charges in New York. If convicted of this Class C felony, this client would have faced between 3 ½ and 15 years in state prison. Any criminal conviction would also have meant the immediate loss of employment.

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Court Compelled to Dismiss the Charge

The allegations, in this case, were that the client went to her boyfriend's apartment, where she gave him a loaded handgun. The boyfriend then immediately used that gun to shoot himself in the head while in the client's presence.

When the police and emergency services arrived on the scene, the client was immediately arrested. However, the client maintained her innocence. Attorney David Sachs argued that the evidence supported his client's innocence only, and not her guilt. Through his zealous representation, the Court was compelled to dismiss the charge.

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