Criminal Charges Dismissed in Cortlandt, NY

The Westchester County criminal defense lawyers at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP successfully argued to have felony criminal charges dismissed in the local Cortlandt Justice Court.

The charges included Assault, Criminal Mischief, Menacing and Aggravated Harassment from a domestic incident. The client had been accused of engaging in an argument with a significant other, including causing injury, damaging property and threatening the individual with a weapon. The client made various statements to law enforcement making certain admissions to the crimes.

Upon hiring the criminal defense attorneys at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP the defense team immediately sought to interview the client, witnesses and challenge the charges filed by the local police department. The defense attorneys were able to draw into question the extent and nature of the injuries, the extent of the damage to the property and the credibility of the complainant. During negotiations with the Westchester County District Attorney’s office the defense demanded any evidence maintained by the District Attorney what would tend to exonerate the client. The District Attorney then provided a letter indicating that the complainant had changed the story of events during the course of interviews with members of the District Attorney’s Office. This information was then confirmed by the criminal defense team during their independent investigation.

Upon scheduling this matter for a trial the District Attorney agreed that they would not be able to sustain the charges and the Cortlandt Judge granted a dismissal of all charges. The client was ecstatic that the allegations were shown to be false and the client avoided a criminal conviction, jail time, probation and an Order of Protection.

The Cortlandt criminal defense lawyers at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP provide an aggressive defense having the charges dismissed in only 5 weeks from the initial court date. The strategy to move quickly and challenge evidence in the case paid off for the client protecting against lengthy court appearances and potential loss of employment.

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