Peekskill Felony Assault and Weapons Charges Dismissed

The criminal defense lawyers at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP recently had felony Assault and Weapons charges dismissed in the Peekskill City Court.

The complaint focused on an argument with a knife causing injury to another however upon review of the facts and circumstances of the case it was determined by the Peekskill Criminal Defense lawyers that the felony charges could not be sustained.

As the client was facing a temporary order of protection, it was important to move quickly to have the felony charges dismissed. The Peekskill lawyers scheduled the matter for a felony hearing in the Peekskill City Court forcing the District Attorney to support the allegations made against the client.

On the date of the felony hearing the District Attorney admitted the charges could not be sustained and the Peekskill lawyers from Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP immediately sought a dismissal of the charges.

The Peekskill City Court Judge reviewed the file and agreed that the charges must be dismissed. The order of protection was vacated and the entire case was sealed pursuant to law. This included the destruction of the client’s fingerprints and booking photos.

The client was thrilled to have the entire matter quickly closed.

When retaining a criminal defense lawyer it is important to have confidence that the lawyer knows the court, the law and has the experience to aggressively argue for a dismissal.

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