Westchester County Divorce Lawyer Keith Brown Answers The Ultimate Divorce Question

What Are the Main Reasons People Get Divorced?

There are obviously a number of factors and personal situations that lead to spouses deciding to separate and divorce, but there are issues that regularly present themselves in and out of the courtroom.

Some of the main issues leading to divorce for married couples include:

  • Money and Finances: It is common to have income disparities in marriages and it is also common for one spouse to use money as a control mechanism over the other. Spending habits also create disagreements that lead to marital discourse.
  • Infidelity: An affair, multiple affairs, or a secret second life is almost a guarantee that a marriage will fail and be heading for divorce. Typically, when a spouse engages in conduct which demonstrates that they do not care about the emotional and/or psychological well-being of the other spouse or admits any wrongdoing, that couple is heading for divorce court.
  • Abuse: Abuse comes in all forms; physical, emotional, and/or psychological, sexual, financial, and controlling behaviors. Not only is abuse a leading cause of divorce but it can be criminal in nature as well. It is common to have Orders of Protection, supervised visitation with children, and pending criminal actions when abuse is part of a divorce.
  • A Vice: Addiction issues such as illegal/prescription drugs use, alcohol, and abnormal sexual behaviors all lead to divorce. During a divorce proceeding, a spouse may be required by the Court to undergo testing, an evaluation, counseling, or treatment especially when children or a criminal arrest is involved.
  • Lack of Intimacy: Not just a failure to maintain a healthy sexual relationship but also when a spouse withdraws from all intimacy and/or showing affection.
  • Careers: When a career comes before family and relationships it can spell doom for a marriage. This doesn’t only include the stereotypical businessman or women working late hours in New York City but also includes any individual who prioritizes their work over the family.
  • Respect: Lack of mutual respect for the other in a marriage can build resentment and force a wedge between couples. This includes one spouse taking on more responsibilities for the care of children or the home. This type of loss of respect can lead to a spouse utilizing the “silent treatment” as punishment.
  • Inability to Communicate: When spouses are not able to effectively communicate, it can lead to misunderstanding, mistrust, and arguments.
  • Mental Health: When one spouse, or even a child, suffers from mental health issues, this can routinely lead to a breakdown of the marriage. On some occasions, the mental health issue is diagnosed and treated, however in other circumstances there can be a mental health issue that is never diagnosed nor properly addressed.
  • Caring for a Dependent Relative: Caring for an elderly relative or a relative/child with a disability can be an added stressor to a marriage. This can involve both a financial and a time commitment that can lead to anger or resentment.
  • Failure to Seek Help: There are many professionals or agencies available to help individuals in a failing marriage but to be successful both spouses need to have a genuine acceptance of the problems and a desire to repair the marriage.

While all of these issues potentially present themselves in a divorce action, and under New York Divorce Laws, can constitute a cause of action or reason to get a divorce in New York State it should be known that most divorces end up being granted under New York State's No-Fault divorce provision.

No-fault divorce in New York permits the Court to divorce parties without the need to publicly state a reason or prove fault of one spouse. Under these circumstances, the spouse who is seeking the divorce need only assert that the parties' marriage has reached an irretrievable breakdown, which can include irreconcilable differences. However, it may be necessary to assert additional complaints should there be a need to argue for custody of the children and division of marital assets and debts.

Who is Divorce Attorney Keith Brown?

Keith Brown is a divorce lawyer in White Plains and Peekskill New York and an owner and partner at the Westchester County Law Firm of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP. Keith is the lead matrimonial attorney and has practiced matrimonial law for his entire career.

Keith has a true passion for the law and uses his knowledge to benefit all of his clients. He has earned a solid reputation in the legal community. In addition to being a force in the courtroom, Keith Brown is a skilled legal writer winning various legal arguments on written motions alone.

Keith considers himself a divorce lawyer for men and a Divorce lawyer for women. He focuses on the facts of the case and his client’s goals and aggressively pursues the best possible result in each matter. He is a highly rated and reviewed divorce lawyer by former clients.

Keith is passionate about his work and enjoys helping clients separate and remove themselves from a marriage so his clients can move on with their lives to a brighter future. He understands the stressful nature of a divorce action and is compassionate to each client’s needs.

If you are looking for a consultation with a divorce lawyer near you call Keith Brown today. Keith offers a free initial consultation and can meet either over the telephone or at his White Plains or Peekskill Office.

How Much Do Divorce Lawyers Cost?

During the free initial consultation, Keith will outline the fee structure to be charged and put that fee structure in writing. Keith offers a reasonable and competitive hourly rate. The total cost of your divorce depends on the nature and extent of the legal issues. Some divorces are uncontested and therefore far less expensive than highly litigated divorce actions. Keith tries to work within each client’s budget without sacrificing legal service.