You Were Going to File for Divorce in Westchester County and Then Came COVID-19

COVID-19, coronavirus, brought new challenges to those contemplating a divorce or those ready to file. With stay at home restrictions and social distancing, you may be stuck at home with the one person you do not want to be anywhere near. This causes obvious problems including anxiety, stress, uncertainty, and other problems such as physical or psychological abuse.

There are solutions you can use today:

  1. File an immediate application to the Court to stop any domestic violence and/or call the police.
  2. Educate yourself about the Westchester County Divorce Process.
  3. Understand your children’s needs during and after a divorce including educational and medical issues.
  4. Use this time wisely to prepare such as speaking with an attorney and gathering necessary documents for you and your children.
  5. Know your finances and investigate your spouse’s finances.
  6. Write a list of all your income and expenses. Consider your children’s expenses.
  7. Keep a written record of your lifestyle expenses.
  8. Take pictures of important documents with your phone (download a picture/PDF converter app).
  9. Take time for yourself.
  10. Contact an experienced Westchester County Divorce Lawyer.

You must put yourself in a strong negotiating position and preparation is key. Our experienced Westchester County Divorce lawyers are available for a Free Initial Consultation.

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