DWI in Yonkers City Court- Westchester County NY

Criminal Defense of DWI in Yonkers- Westchester County, NY

As part of the Westchester County, NY recent crackdown on DWI and DWAI related offenses, our client was charged with the crime of Driving While Intoxicated in the Yonkers City Court. The offenses charged under New York Vehicle and Traffic Law Sections 1192(2) and 1192(3) carried possible penalties including jail, probation, high fines, a six month license suspension, and the installation of an interlock device. Making the case more problematic for the client was the fact that there was an accident involving a highway divider and the District Attorney was seeking restitution or payment for the damages caused.

From the outset, the Westchester District Attorney's Office sought to have our client's driving privileges suspended. Under the law, during the pendency of the case the court must suspend an individual's driver's license. Fortunately, after a hearing in the Yonkers City Court, the Judge determined that the client should have his privileges to drive restored on a limited basis. This temporary license, commonly referred to as a "Hardship License" is granted in cases where it can be shown that an individual would suffer an extreme hardship, such as loss of employment, the need for medical care or treatment, and incurring substantial costs for alternative transportation. In this instance, the client needed to drive in order to protect his employment.

After several court appearances and discussions with both the Court and the Westchester District Attorney's Office, the prosecution was convinced to reduce the charges from a misdemeanor and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), a violation and not a criminal offense. The resulting plea to the violation of DWAI allowed our client to avoid a criminal conviction and the severe penalties associated with DWI.

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