New Rochelle Gun Charge

Gun Charges - Criminal Possession of a Weapon

Any weapons charge is serious crime especially possession of a handgun. Those charges are prosecuted by the District Attorney's Office and must be aggressively defended. A criminal possession of a weapon charge could be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the facts of the case and both carry serious penalties including potential jail time.

Due to the heightened awareness of illegal handguns, if charged, one should expect increased scrutiny of the case by both the District Attorney and the Court. In order to have the charge properly defended a top criminal defense attorney is essential.

New Rochelle Court

Recently, Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP successfully defended a man charged with possessing two handguns in the City of New Rochelle, Westchester County. After an aggressive defense the criminal defense team at the law firm negotiated a reduction of the serious criminal charge of criminal possession of a weapon to the non-criminal offense of disorderly conduct. The client did not have to pay a fine and was allow to keep the value of the handguns seized from the police. The entire case was sealed and the client had his fingerprints and photographs returned.

To be successful in any criminal defense the top criminal defense attorneys aggressively pursue every defense. Even when a plea bargain offer is extended the best criminal defense attorneys always go back to the District Attorney's Office for a further reduction or a dismissal from the Court.

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Westchester County

If you or a loved one has been charged with a gun crime or any serious criminal charge contact the law offices of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP for a free criminal defense consultation.