Westchester Traffic Defense Lawyer Defends White Plains Cell Phone Ticket

Westchester Attorney Defends Cell Phone Ticket & Avoids License Suspension

One of the issues that our traffic ticket defense lawyers are often asked to address is when a client receives a Notice of Suspension from the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. Many times, the client has done everything that they were supposed to do by filling in the "Not Guilty" section of the ticket, requesting a supporting deposition and mailing the ticket back to the issuing court. Unfortunately, the court system is not perfect and for whatever reason the client's "Not Guilty" plea is not entered with the court and they are never sent a notice to appear in court.

Failing to appear and/or answer a traffic ticket in Westchester County, NY will result in the local court notifying the DMV of your non-appearance and you will be issued a Notice of Suspension. The Notice of Suspension will be mailed to your home and will advise you of why you are going to be suspended, the underlying violation that you are charged with, the court where the violation is pending and the date on which your driver's license will be suspended. Ignoring the Notice of Suspension will result in your driving privileges being suspended in New York and you will be required to pay additional fees in order to lift the suspension.

What should I do if I receive a Suspension Notice in Westchester County, NY?

The best advice is to contact a proven Westchester traffic ticket defense attorney. At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, our defense lawyers have been protecting the driving privileges and license of individuals throughout Westchester County for years. We have a very successful and proven record of defending clients charged with all types of traffic infractions. In fact, based upon our experience and track record, our office even offers a guarantee to clients with traffic, speeding or cell phone tickets. Read more about our Guarantee here.

White Plains Client avoids 5 point Cell Phone ticket and Suspension Prevented

One of our recent successes involved a client who had received a cell phone ticket issued by a White Plains police officer. The client responded to the ticket as instructed, however, she never received a notice to appear in the White Plains City Court. Her failure to answer the summons was reported to the DMV and she was issued a suspension notice.

Fortunately, the client contacted the traffic lawyers of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP. The first action was to contact the White Plains City Court and have the matter calendared before one of the judges. Instead of having the matter proceed to a trial, our firm successfully negotiated a much reduced plea deal. Instead of a five point cell phone violation, the client left the court with zero points on her license and paid a minimal fine. More importantly, since we were able to quickly calendar and resolve the ticket, the client avoided the license suspension and the additional fees from the DMV.

Get the Protection and Defense You Deserve

If you receive a traffic, speeding or cell phone ticket anywhere in Westchester County, NY, contact our office for a free consultation. Not only will our traffic ticket defense lawyers explain your options in detail, we can help you avoid having to appear in court. Most importantly, our services in defending your traffic ticket are guaranteed.