Family Offense Petition Against Client Dismissed in Orange County

Family Offense Petition and Order of Protection against Client Dismissed

In a case where our client was being targeted by an ex-boyfriend, who had filed a family offense petition alleging that she was harassing him, the family law attorneys of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP successfully argued to have the petition dismissed and the temporary order of protection vacated. In doing so, the client was able to return to her normal life without restriction.

Unfortunately, in many family offense cases, the mere filing of a petition will result in a temporary order of protection being issued. That temporary order of protection will remain in place until the Family Court Judge has had an opportunity to hear the facts of the case. While the temporary order of protection exists, a parent's ability to communicate with their children, return to their home and attend various important events may be severely restricted or even prevented. Failing to abide by the terms of an order of protection may result in additional petitions being filed in Family Court and even criminal prosecution for Criminal Contempt (a misdemeanor).

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