What to Expect During a Criminal Investigation in Westchester County

If you’ve been approached by law enforcement regarding criminal charges or allegations, you are currently in the “pre-charge” or “investigation stage” of a criminal case. This is a critical and stressful time for the individual under investigation.

Do You Need an Attorney When Under Criminal Investigation?

Yes, it is essential to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. You have certain rights, such as the right to remain silent, and while it may be tempting to speak with the police to defend yourself or explain your side of the story, you are doing more harm than good, and that will hurt you and your case. When dealing with law enforcement, you are at a complete disadvantage. Police officers are trained in interrogation techniques and have multiple methods at their disposal to build a case against you. That is their job. The more you talk, the easier it is for police officers to gather evidence against you to prove a crime. A Westchester criminal defense attorney is your protection and can act as a buffer between you and law enforcement. We control the narrative to the police, and your attorney will work behind the scenes to help you avoid arrest.

Common Law Enforcement Techniques Used During Criminal Investigations

Primarily, law enforcement wants you to believe they are trying to help you. If you ever hear these law enforcement statements below, you need to immediately stop talking and hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer:

  • “Hi, I am calling to discuss a complaint we received.”

  • “We have a search warrant for your home.”

  • “Hiring a lawyer will just make you look guilty.”

  • “You don’t need a lawyer.”

  • “We already know everything; just tell us your side.”

  • “Once you tell us what happened, you can go home.”

  • “I know the judge/DA, and I will make sure he/she knows you cooperated, then you can leave.”

  • “Your friend already told us you did it”

  • “We have video and witnesses.”

  • “You should come down to the police station.”

  • “Cooperate, or we will come to your job.”

  • “Don’t make us come to your house in front of your friends and family.”

If law enforcement contacts you, you should get the officer’s name and phone number. Call a criminal defense attorney immediately. Hiring an experienced and reliable attorney is vital to the success of your case. Your lawyer is charged with protecting your rights and ensuring the government adheres to the law. Our dedicated criminal defense team will work hard to prevent your arrest where possible and ensure your side of the story is told correctly.

The Difference Experience Makes

The criminal defense team of David Sachs and Andrew Proto are former prosecutors with the Westchester County District Attorney's office. They know the police tactics and how to respond. In addition to decades of criminal defense experience, David and Andrew are published authors in the areas of general criminal defense, DWI defense, and drug crime defense. They have handled all types of criminal defense matters, from murder and assault to domestic violence, theft, and drug crimes. Whether you’re facing gun charges, DWI, or child pornography charges, our attorneys are equipped to handle the case. David and Andrew offer free initial consultations and will immediately work to protect your rights.

Our past results representing those under criminal investigation speak volumes. The following matters were closed without an arrest:

  • Forcible Rape – Yonkers

  • Manhattan Scheme to Defraud - White Plains

  • Child Pornography - White Plains

  • Grand Larceny – Greenburgh, White Plains

  • Domestic Assault – Multiple Jurisdictions

  • Federal Investigation into Wire Fraud – Southern District of New York

  • Federal Investigation into a Scheme to Defraud – Southern District of New York

  • Sexual Assault – Putnam County, Manhattan

  • Submitting a False Instrument for Filing with New York State – White Plains

  • Conspiracy – Westchester and Dutchess County

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