Serious Felony Assault Charges Dismissed

White Plains, NY - A young man from Westchester County, NY walked out of the Westchester County Criminal Court a free man after two counts of felony Assault were dismissed.

The defendant, represented by a criminal defense attorney of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, was charged with (1) Assault in the First Degree and (2) Assault in the Second Degree arising from an alleged altercation that took place in New Rochelle, NY. The defendant was accused of stabbing the victim in the torso with a large folding knife, perforating the small bowel and requiring emergency surgery.

Assault in the First Degree is classified as a B Felony under NY Penal Law 120.10(1) and Assault in the Second Degree is a D Felony under section 120.05(2). Both are extremely serious charges with significant penalties, including lengthy jail sentences.

The defendant, who stood with his defense attorney after court, was “extremely pleased” with the dismissal and “thankful for the hard work and services provided by Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP.”