Family Offense Petition Dismissed

Our Family Law attorneys at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP successfully had a Family Offense Petition dismissed in the Westchester County Family Court - New Rochelle. Family Offense petitions are brought by individuals who are having or have had a family relationship or intimate relationship and the allegations usually include threats, assault, stalking and/or harassment.

Our client was the Respondent in the family offenses case and had to defend against allegations that she had threatened and harassed a former boyfriend. Our client was adamant that the allegations were a lie and a ploy used by her former boyfriend to gain leverage in a Violation of Probation case where she had been the victim.

Since our lawyers are also criminal defense attorneys we understood her arguments and our criminal defense experience helped us win her case in family court.

Our legal strategy began with a review of the former boyfriend’s Petition including his allegations followed by an interview of our client and her witnesses. The trial strategy was to attack the truthfulness of the former boyfriend’s statements and prove he had a motive to lie. During cross examination the former boyfriend could not be specific with any allegations and changed his testimony while under our cross examination.

Prior to our client testifying we met with our client to make sure she was prepared for her testimony and the cross examination of the other attorney. On the witness stand our client clearly denied the allegations and further set forth the motive for the former boyfriend to lie. With our help her testimony was focused and clear for the judge.

At the end of the trial the Judge made an immediate decision to dismiss the former boyfriend’s family offense petition and vacate all pending temporary orders of protection.

Our family court lawyers are experienced in handling all types of family court cases from custody, child support, neglect, CPS and family offense petitions. When a person exaggerates the truth in a petition or outright lies it is important to have the best family law attorneys by your side to fight the case.

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