Another CPS Fair Hearing Victory

Another CPS Fair Hearing Victory

The family law attorneys at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP are experienced attorneys fighting against CPS investigations, indicated reports, neglect proceedings and challenging evidence at fair hearings. The earlier you contact our family law attorneys the greater chance you will have for success in defending your case and protecting your rights, the rights of your children and family.

For example, a client of the firm contacted us immediacy upon receiving a telephone call from Westchester County CPS. Our family law attorneys were able to interview the client, provide much needed legal advice and deal directly with CPS/DSS and the Westchester County Attorney’s Office. In that case the parents were being investigated for abuse and maltreatment of their teenage daughter. Our family law attorneys immediately contacted the Westchester County Attorney and explained our client’s position and lack of evidence collected by CPS. This aggressive defense resulted in an unfounded final report. Having our law office work on the case not only protected against the indicated report but protected the family against the intrusion of CPS/DSS. Importantly, we were able to relieve the stress the family was facing upon all the governmental pressure.

In another matter, our client contacted us after the CPS/DSS case had been indicated and needed our help at a fair hearing. Our family law attorneys immediately interviewed our client, obtained all paperwork from the Office of Children and Family Services (OFCS) to attack and discredit the indicated finding. The allegations were that the father had been excessive with corporal punishment of his young child. The proof against our client was substantial including photos and reports of likely abuse. Our attorneys fought against all of the evidence CPS sought to admit at the fair hearing and argued to discredit the evidence. After the fair hearing the judge decided there was no credible evidence of abuse or maltreatment. The CPS report was amended to unfounded and sealed.

If you are involved in a CPS/DSS and/or a neglect case in family court you must have the protection of an attorney. The government has unlimited resources to attack you and your family. You need an aggressive attorney to fight back to protect your rights.

Our family court attorneys regularly appear in Family Court and know how to challenge CPS/DSS findings. Call our office for a free initial consultation.

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