DWI Suspensions and Revocations

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DWI law is a complex and constantly changing area of the law. If charged with a DWI in Westchester County, New York or the surrounding counties you need an aggressive attorney who knows and understands the law as well as the local criminal courts and the prosecutor’s office.

Our DWI lawyers are former prosecutors and know how the prosecution will present the facts of your case. We can determine the strength of the case or the weakness of the case to guide you towards the best possible result. It is essential to have sound legal counsel with an aggressive legal strategy to protect your rights.

DMV License Suspensions

One major aspect of a proper DWI defense is know and understand the consequences of a DWI arrest as it pertains to suspension and/or revocation of driving privileges (license) in New York State.

A suspension of driving privileges (license) is a loss of the ability to drive for a set period of time. New York State DMV requires a “suspension termination fee” before a suspended license can be reinstated. The fee to lift the suspension is $50.00.

A revoked driving privilege (license) is the loss of right to drive in New York State. After the revocation period expires the motorist is required to re-apply for a new driver’s license or privilege with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The reapplication fee is $100.00.

Suspension & Revocations Associated with a DWI Conviction

Upon a conviction of a DWI offense in New York State the court transmits to the DMV (form MV-1192). This is the court Order of Suspension and Revocation. Motorists should be familiar with this form prior to a DWI conviction to properly understand the suspension/revocation consequences. The DMW form MV-1192 is below:

Order of Suspension or Revocation

Conviction Suspension & Revocation Times

  • Aggravated DWI (.18%) with a child 15 years old or younger in the vehicle - 1 Year Revocation;
  • DWI (.08%) – 6 Month Revocation
  • DWAI by Drugs – 6 Month Suspension
  • DWI or DWAI with prior in last 10 years – 1 Year Revocation
  • DWAI by Alcohol – 90 Day Suspension
  • DWAI with prior in last 10 years – 6 month Revocation
  • Any DWI, motorist under 21 – 1 Year Revocation
  • Any second DWI, motorist under 21 – Revocation until 21 years of age or 1 Year
  • DUI outside of New York State – 90 Day Revocation for alcohol offense and 6 Month Suspension for drug offense.

Civil Penalties

If a motorist is found to have refused a chemical test while under suspicion for DWI the DMV will assess a $500.00 civil penalty and if it is the second refusal in 5 years the fee is $750.00.

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