Getting a Traffic Ticket in the City of White Plains, NY

I just got a Speeding Ticket in White Plains, NY, what should I do?

First, it is very important that you don't disregard your speeding ticket. By failing to respond to the speeding ticket in the requisite amount of time you risk having your driver's license suspended and you may face additional fines and fees to reinstate your driving privilege.

If you have forgotten to answer your ticket and have received a notice of suspension from the DMV, make sure that you act immediately. At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, our traffic ticket defense attorneys can help you and make sure that you don't lose your driving privileges over the missed ticket. In fact, it does not matter if you are a New York licensed driver or licensed outside of New York, we can see to it that your suspension gets lifted, that your case gets scheduled and that you are properly defended in court.

If you still have time to answer the traffic ticket, the first thing that you must do is read the traffic ticket carefully, and complete the "Not Guilty" section of the ticket and mail the ticket back to the White Plains City Court, 77 South Lexington Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601. By entering the not guilty plea quickly, you will protect your driver's license from suspension or revocation.

The next thing you should do is contact an experienced White Plains, NY speeding ticket defense attorney. With offices just up the street from the White Plains City Court, our defense lawyers have been successfully representing client for decades.

If you have received a cell phone, speeding or other traffic ticket in White Plains, New York you should call our proven Westchester County traffic ticket defense attorneys for a free consultation. Call us now at (914) 946-4808.

Can my lawyer really help me with my speeding ticket in the White Plains City Court in Westchester County, NY?

The traffic ticket defense attorneys at Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP have a proven track record of successfully defending our clients throughout Westchester County, NY, particularly in the White Plains City Court.

Just recently, ourspeeding ticket defense lawyer, appeared on three separate speeding ticket cases in the White Plains City Court. Each of the clients was charged with high speeding violations (21 or more mph over the speed limit) and each of them was facing six points against their respective driver's license.

As an experienced speeding ticket defense lawyer, our attorney was prepared to fight the infractions at a trial. Ultimately, the matters were reduced from six point speeding violations to parking violations, resulting in zero points on each of the client's licenses and minimal fines that the clients joyfully paid.

If you have received a cell phone ticket, speeding ticket or other traffic violation, it's in your best interests to contact Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP and learn how we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and points against your license.

In most cases, we can even make sure that your daily life is not impacted by helping you avoid having to appear in court.

And our traffic tickets defense is Guaranteed.

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