DWI Defense Port Chester, New York

New York Interstate 95 - (I-95)

In Port Chester, New York Interstate 95 results in several DWI related arrests. As it is well known I-95 is the major northeast roadway linking New York to New England. In Westchester County several courts have jurisdiction over I-95 including New Rochelle, Larchmont, Harrison and Port Chester. Port Chester is a busy court for traffic offenses including DWI because also because of the I-287 interchange.

DWI Lawyer Westchester County

DWI Defense

If a motorist is charged with DWI in Port Chester, New York or any criminal court it is important to hire a top criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. The DWI defense starts well before an accused steps into a courtroom. The DWI lawyer will prepare for the first appearance known as an arraignment. It is important to have an understanding of the different DWI charges and any potential driver's license suspension.

As the DWI case progresses in court, discovery needs to be exchanged and reviewed and the evidence the prosecutions has must be challenged. Sometimes a legal strategy may be to suppress the strongest evidence an accused faces weakening the prosecutions case in an attempt to negotiate a favorable plea bargain or ask the court for an outright dismissal.

DWI Lawyer

The best DWI lawyer will keep a client informed regarding every aspect of the DWI charge, the prosecution's evidence and the legal stratagy defense. Also, the top DWI lawyers will advise regarding driver's license suspensions and insurance consequences.

At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP our attorneys are former prosecutors in New York City and Westchester County. Our attorneys have practiced DWI criminal defense in every court in Westchester County and are familiar with the District Attorney's Office policy's and court procedures to aggressively defense any DWI charge. Call the law firm for a free DWI consultation.