Newly Proposed DWI Regulations

DWI Defense in New York State

As part of any DWI defense in New York it is important to keep informed regarding any changes to New York DWI Laws. DWI Policy at the District Attorney's Offices in Westchester County, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland and the Bronx are always changing and new State law or regulations can sometimes change local policy as well. If you have are any questions regarding DWI consequences it is very important to consult with the best DWI lawyer.

DWI Proposed Regulations Changes

Governor Andrew Cuomo the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles has issued emergency (proposed) regulations concerning those that have multiple DWI arrests for alcohol or drugs. The changes include, allowing DMV to review the LIFETIME record of all drivers that seek to have their license reinstated after a revocation for a DWI related offense.

Reinstatement of the license maybe denied if the lifetime record includes five or more past convictions in the past 25 years and at least one other serious driving offense. Also, drivers with two or more DWI convictions in the last 25 years will no longer be able to reduce the mandatory suspension or revocation period by attending the DMV, Drinking and Driver Program (DDP). Driver's with three or more DWI convictions within 25 years will not be eligible for a conditional license.

It is very important to know the consequences of any DWI conviction. Not only the consequences issued by a court but administratively by DMV as well.