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The Town of North Castle is located in Armonk, New York (Not to be confused with the Town of New Castle located in Chappaqua, New York). The main access point to the Town is off exit 3 on I-684 extending south in north White Plains and north to the Town of Bedford in Westchester County, New York. This area is heavily patrolled by the New York State Police on I-684, the local North Castle Police Department and to a lesser extent the Westchester County Police Department. Although Westchester County Airport borders North Castle DWI and criminal offenses related to the airport are generally heard in the Rye Town or City Court.

Who are the prosecutors in the Town of North Castle (Armonk), New York?

The Westchester County District Attorney Office located in White Plains, New York are charged with prosecuting DWI and criminal arrests in the Town of North Castle.

When does the Town of North Castle meet?

DWI and criminal matters are heard on Tuesday nights at 5:00 pm. The courthouse is open 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. The Courthouse is located at 15 Bedford Road, Armonk, New York.

The current judges in the Town of North Castle are Elyse Lazansky and Ira Schulman. The Court’s telephone number is (914) 273-3000.

What is the Best DWI Defense in North Castle?

· The BAC; (breath testing) procedures were not correctly followed. Such as, the machine was not properly calibrated, the operator wasn’t properly trained, the motorist was not properly observed for 20 minutes prior to the test and accurate records were not kept. All can lead to suppression of the BCA test results.

· Residual mouth alcohol. Alcohol generally lingers for 15-20 minutes in the mucosal linings of your mouth. This is “residual mouth alcohol.” To avoid measuring residual mouth alcohol instead of deep lung air, the BAC operator must observe the motorist continuously for 20 minutes before beginning the test. Other high BAC or false positives include, burped or regurgitated alcohol, GERD/acid reflux, heartburn, certain dental work and other medical conditions.

· Rising Blood Alcohol. It takes the body from 50 minutes to two hours, on average, to fully absorb alcohol. As a result, even if you drink enough to be legally intoxicated, you will not be legally intoxicated immediately. Our argument is that if a motorist is pulled over shortly after drinking, they might be perfectly capable of driving at that time due to a rising blood alcohol level. In other words, sober at the time they were driving but later intoxicated due to the rising blood alcohol level.

· There was no lawful reason for a traffic stop. A law enforcement officer must have cause to initiate a DWI investigation. A DWI investigation that begins on speculation or a hunch will be suppressed.

· There is an innocent explanation for looking intoxicated. Law enforcement will routinely alleged that a motorist looked intoxicated because they exhibited signs of intoxication such as red or watery eyes, slurred speech, unsteady gait or an odor of alcohol. However, these observations can be explained innocently in several ways, such as, the motorist is tied, has allergies, dehydrated, nervous, ill, injured a physical/psychological disability or has a speech impediment.

· There was an innocent reason for alleged bad driving. Innocent explanations for alleged bad driving includes, speaking on a cell phone, following car/phone navigation or not knowing the area, the motorist could be in a rush, angry, picking up an item that had fallen to the floor, speaking with a passenger or momentarily distracted for another reason. Alcohol consumption is not the only reason for poor driving.

· The Field Sobriety Tests (“FSTs”) are tainted or inaccurate due to law enforcement bias. There are often innocent explanations for poor performance on field sobriety tests including nervousness, age, weight, poor physical condition, officer intimidation, bad weather/lighting and most importantly rushed or unclear instructions regarding how to perform the tests. Compounding that even a sober person would have difficulty completing the FST tests with officer bias it will become almost impossible to successfully complete the tests.

· Unconstitutional New York State sobriety checkpoint. For a DWI checkpoint stop and investigation, law enforcement must follow very specific procedures. If law enforcement fails to follow their own procedures the stop of the vehicle and subsequent arrest will be suppressed.

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