Recent Online Poll by Associated Press Suggests Same-Sex Marriage Support in Decline

Before the United States Supreme Court officially legalized same-sex marriage nationwide on June 26 th, 2015, many polls suggested that more than half of Americans were in favor of same-sex marriages. Now, less than a month later, the numbers have dramatically changed.

According to an online poll conducted by the Associated Press – who have released an article about it here – roughly 42% of Americans are decidedly in favor of same-sex marriage legalization now and 40% still oppose it. Those numbers come from the extrapolated results of an online survey conducted between July 9 th and 13 th that included 1,004 adult Americans.

Has Support Really Dropped That Much?

The steep decline in support for same-sex marriage legalization presents an interesting scenario, to say the least about it. Depending on which polls you look at from the past, anywhere between 8 to 18% of supporters have dropped off since the ruling. On the other hand, Americans who say they are strictly against it have seemingly not increased at all. How can this be possible?

The answer lies within the gray zone, where people are “unsure” about how they feel about the issue. As protesters voiced their opinions on the matter, citing potential violations to states’ rights as well as the religious freedom of churches, people who were just on the edge of support seem to have stepped away and distanced themselves from the debate. Depending on how matters are handled in the near future, this group could seemingly go either way.

Will Anything Change Because of This?

The Supreme Court’s ruling is still very young, and for there to be shifts in its support is not entirely shocking. The changes to marriage and divorce law will stay in place until the decision is altered or repealed, and it is unlikely that this recent survey will immediately cause such an outcome.

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