Criminal Charge Dismissed in Patterson, New York

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As criminal defense attorneys in the Town of Patterson Justice Court, it is our goal to aggressively defend each of our clients to protect their rights. Part of this process involves a comprehensive investigation of all the facts surrounding a criminal charge and an investigation of the strength of the prosecution's case.

Recently, a client of the firm was charged with Harassment in the Town of Patterson. The allegations were that our client repeatedly followed, approached a minor (he had several previous incidents with) and communicated with him in a threating manner. The Town of Patterson Court, at the request of the District Attorney, issued an Order of Protection.

Our law office immediately investigated the charge and determined from a legally sufficiency stand point that the charge should be dismissed. In fact, the charge should never have been brought by the State Police and the District Attorney.

The District Attorney refused to withdraw the charge therefore our office immediately filed a written motion to dismiss with the Patterson Court.

Our argument in the motion to dismiss was that the allegations as stated in the criminal complaint did not rise to the level of a crime and the District Attorney could not cure that defect. In the District Attorney's response to our motions papers they attempted to amend the criminal charge (cure the defect) but the judge agreed that even if you took all the facts in the charge as true, the charge could not be sustained as amended or otherwise.

The Judge dismissed the case and vacated all Orders of Protection, the District Attorney had requested against our client.

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