Traffic Tickets & DWI Defense

Briarcliff Manor - Westchester County

Traffic ticket defense including DWI defense must be aggressively pursued. Briarcliff Manor is a small justice court located in Westchester County and part of the Northern Westchester Branch of the Westchester County District Attorney's Office.

Briarcliff Roadways & Arrests

Routes 9, 9A and route 100 all pass through Briarcliff Manor as well as the Taconic State Parkway. Therefore, the majority of cases in the Briarcliff Court in Westchester County are driving related.

These cases include a DWI charge in Briarcliff, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle (AUO) and various traffic tickets including speeding charges.

Recently, Attorney Andrew Proto represented a client with two serious moving violations in the Briarcliff Court. These moving violations were on two separate dates and the Court considered this a repeat offense. The client also had a bad driving history. With aggressive representation, challenging the serious moving violations, they were both reduced to no point equipment violations (headlight out) resulting in a small fine.

Briarcliff Criminal Defense

In any defense under the Vehicle and Traffic Law including a DWI charge a skilled attorney is necessary to protect your rights. The top Westchester county criminal defense attorneys always prepare the best criminal defense with the goal of an outright dismissal or a significant reduction of the charge.