DWI and Drug Lab Reports at Trial

During a trial the government needs to prove each and every element of a crime. In cases such as petit larceny, assault, weapons possession, driving with a suspended license (AUO) (511(1)(a)) and other similar crimes a lab report is not needed. But in cases such as DWI, DWAI, DWAI drugs and drug cases such as criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal sale of a controlled substance a lab report will be needed to be introduced at sometime during the trial.

District Attorneys have relied on certified records to introduce certain lab reports in DWI, DWAI, DWAI drugs and other drug cases instead of having the actual lab analyst testify. This seems to be changing with the most recent US Supreme Court case as outlined below.

Lab Reports at Trial in DWI, DWAI, DWAI Drug and Drug Cases

At trial for an offense involving any Laboratory Report (usually a drug, DWI or gun charge case) the confrontation clause of the sixth amendment requires a criminal accused to be confronted with the testimony of lab analysts.

The United States Supreme Court in Melendez-Diaz v Massachusetts, 129 S Ct 2527, held that a lab analyst’s certificate is testimonial and can not be admitted unless the analyst was unavailable to testify at trial and the accused had a prior opportunity to cross-examine the analyst.

DWI Blood/Breath Test Lab Reports

In Nassau County after a DWI trial the court sustained the defendant’s objection to the admission of the calibration log of the breathalyzer machine used to test his blood alcohol level as a certified business record and required the prosecution to present live testimony from the lab technicians who preformed the calibration.

The Best Criminal Defense

The best criminal defense is one that holds the government to their burden on each and every element of the crime. This is especially true of DWI, DWAI, DWAI Drug and other Controlled Substance cases where a lab report is necessary. In Westchester, Rockland, Bronx, Orange, Putnam and Dutchess counties the government will have their own report usually from the County Department of Lab and Research. These lab reports must be attacked for their accuracy. This additional requirement that the government bring the actual analyst into court is helpful to the experienced criminal defense attorney and the accused since it opens the door to in depth cross examination.

White Plains City Court Criminal Defense

In the City Court of White Plains there has been an increase use by the department of labs and research in Westchester County of “preliminary” lab reports to support DWI, DWAI, DWAI Drug and other drug charges. These lab reports are the very reports that need to be scrutinized for their accuracy and demanding the actual lab analyst to testify will help any criminal defense.

Southeast DWI Criminal Defense

Likewise, for any criminal defense for a DWI, DWAI, DWAI drug charge in busy DWI courts such as the Town of Southeast in Putnam County (Brewster). These lab reports must be scrutinized as they usually are the prosecutions strongest form of evidence.