What to do if You're in a Car Accident

After an automobile accident time is critical and you need to know what to do!

First, make sure you and your loved ones get any medical attention they need but following these simple steps will help you develop a case should you or your loved ones get injured and sue the other driver.

  1. Stop your car after the accident

    In New York State if you are involved in a car accident you must report it to the Police. This is important since the Police will make a report and we can use that report to investigate the accident.

  2. Call for Medial Attention

    Call for an ambulance and comfort any injured person until help arrives. If you are injured do not decline medical attention. It is always better to have a professional tend to a potential injury immediately than to wait days for medical help. When the ambulance arrives be sure to make a note about what ambulance company arrived at the accident scene.

  3. Get Information about the Car Accident

    Take pictures of the road, cars and the damage. You can never take too many pictures at the accident scene. Also, take pictures of any visible injures to yourself and/or loved ones. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Don't let potential witnesses just drive away.

  4. Never Admit to Any Fault - accidental or otherwise

    The most important part of the accident is NEVER admit you did anything wrong. Do not discuss the accident with any witnesses.

  5. Take Notes on the Accident

    As soon as possible make some notes regarding how the auto accident happened to refresh your memory at a later date.

  6. Call for Car Accident Injury Lawyer

    Immediately call our office for a free consultation to discuss your case at (914) 946-4808


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