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Port Chester Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers

Receiving a speeding ticket is an unsettling experience which gets worse if you are subsequently found guilty and have to pay high fines and surcharges, incur DMV assessment fees, accumulate points on your driver's license and face higher insurance costs.

Unlike other moving violations under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law which typically carry a two or three point penalty against your driver's license, the points assessed for speeding tickets vary depending on the how many miles per hour (mph) above the speed limit you are accused of driving.

Points are dictated according to the following:

1 to 10 mph over the speed limit 3 points

11 to 20 mph 4 points

21 to 30 mph 6 points

31 to 40 mph 8 points

over 40 mph 11 points

In addition, the amount of the fines will vary depending on the number of mph over the speed limit and the number of convictions that one may have within an 18 month period. More importantly, any driver who has three speeding convictions within an 18 month period will automatically have their license revoked by the Court.

Port Chester Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer in Westchester County, NY

8 Point Port Chester Ticket Reduced to Zero Points

Recently, our Westchester speeding ticket defense attorneys appeared in the Port Chester Village Court to defend a client who was charged with speeding (driving 84 mph in a 50 mph zone) and faced an 8 point violation for allegedly driving 34 mph over the speed limit.

The client was extremely concerned about any speed conviction and the effect it would have on his insurance rates and ability to drive as he had points on his license from a prior traffic ticket conviction.

Utilizing the experience gained from defending countless clients in the Port Chester Village Court, we were successful in defending our client's Port Chester speeding ticket and had the matter reduced to a zero point parking violation. By doing so, the client avoided: (1) an 8 point speeding conviction, (2) the elevated fines for driving 34 mph over the speed limit, (3) the DMV assessment fee for an eight point violation, and (4) the Court's requirement that he take the defensive driver's course.

If you received any traffic ticket, moving violation and/or speeding ticket in the Port Chester Village Court you need to contact our proven Port Chester traffic ticket defense lawyers. With over 50 years of combined experience we will protect your rights and driver's license.

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