Violation Petition for Child Support Dismissed

Child Support Violation and Finding of Willfulness Dismissed

Westchester Child Support Lawyer in White Plains, NY

One of the areas of Family Law that is of particular concern for many of our clients in Westchester County, NY is the issue of non-payment of child support. If you are the party against whom a Petition for Violation of a Child Support Order has been filed, their can be severe consequences.

Those consequences may include the issuance of a judgment, suspension of your driver's license, garnishment of your wages, seizure of your tax refund, liens against property and/or bank accounts and even incarceration.

Even if the non-payment of child support was due to no fault of your own, a New York Family Court may find your non-payment "willful" and impose these strict penalties.

White Plains Child Support Attorney Gets Violation Petition Dismissed

Recently, the Westchester child support lawyers of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP successfully defended a client facing a violation petition and willfulness finding in the Orange County Family Court. What complicated this particular case was the fact that the client had missed a critical court date prior to hiring our firm and the family court judge had issued a warrant for his arrest. Fortunately for the client, within 24 hours of being retained our experienced child support lawyers arranged for him to appear before the family court judge and avoid incarceration on the warrant. Additionally, the court date was rescheduled allowing the client the opportunity to present his version of the events and challenge the claims.

With the extra time, the client was able to find employment and resume his child support payments, something that he would not have been able to do if he was incarcerated on the warrant.

On the day of the Willfulness hearing, the family court judge dismissed the petition in its entirety. The client avoided incarceration, as well as the other penalties related to claims of non-payment. Ultimately, this was the ideal result for all of the parties involved as the client maintained his freedom, kept his new job and was able to provide the support to his child, something that he always wanted to do from the start.

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