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Spousal Support also called Alimony or Maintenance Payments is a key issue in any divorce filing. As an experienced divorce attorney, I have studied divorce statistics that show it is very likely one or both spouses may have cash or a cash business they want to hide in divorce court.

Here's a case example in which I helped the husband expose his wife's cash business to avoid having to pay his wife any spousal support. Our application to dismiss the wife's spousal maintenance (spousal support) application was granted and the wife's application that her husband pays her spousal maintenance was denied in its entirety. This was a financial victory for my client.

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My client was gainfully employed and was earning a six-figure income. His wife was operating a cash business and was not reporting any income on her income tax return. She filed an application seeking to have her husband pay her spousal maintenance (spousal support), claiming that she was a "stay at home wife" and did not earn any income. She further claimed that she had significant health issues which prevented her from being able to work. She asked the Divorce Judge to direct our client to pay her spousal maintenance as she was unable to pay her expenses.

I fought aggressively to disprove the wife's claims by scouring her social media accounts and serving various subpoenas on her customers, the landlord where she operated her cash business and Paypal for financial records. Through those efforts, I was able to complete a staggering cross-examination of her at trial and I successfully demonstrated to the Judge that the wife was operating a cash business and that contrary to her assertions, she did not have any health issues which prevented her from working. This aggressive divorce court representation paid off for the client.

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In the decision from the Court, the Judge found that the wife's testimony was simply not credible and the wife's application for spousal maintenance was denied in its entirety. Our client had zero obligation to pay his wife any financial support. The client had this to say about my representation:

"I was looking for a divorce lawyer near me and I am so happy I found Keith Brown to take my case. Keith was very organized and fought to help me prove my wife was a liar. Keith saved me tens of thousands of dollars. Thank you, Keith".

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