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Adultery and extramarital relationships is an issue that I have frequently encountered in divorce filings. Adultery is considered a crime in New York and can have a huge impact on your division of assets in New York Divorce court. I have represented spouses on "both sides of the fence" on this issue, having both pursued and defended against such claims. Here's a case example in which I helped the wife expose her husband's extramarital relationship and recover marital funds that the husband spent on his extramarital relationship.

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My client (the wife) was convinced that her husband of 20+ years was having an affair, as he routinely told her that he had to work late. After conducting a detailed review of the husband's credit card statements, I completed a deposition of the husband. At the deposition, I was able to elicit testimony from the husband whereby he not only admitted to having a girlfriend, but he also admitted to spending considerable sums of money on his girlfriend over an extended period of time.

As a result, my client received a greater share of the existing marital assets as part of the divorce. The client had this to say about my representation:

"Keith made my husband pay up!"

A cheating spouse can have a huge financial impact on the division of marital assets in divorce court. If you are seeking a divorce for adultery it is very important to prepare early so you can obtain or protect, as the case may be, as much money as possible in a divorce case.

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