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Of the many questions that we are asked, several of them focus upon what the client should or should not do prior to and during their divorce case. In order to help, we have developed a list for clients to keep in mind whether they are involved in a contested divorce, uncontested divorce or negotiating a legal separation (separation agreement).

Things to DO:

  1. Be honest with your attorney and be responsive to your attorney's requests for information. In other words, help our divorce and matrimonial lawyers help you by keeping them fully informed.
  2. Make an inventory of all marital and separate real and personal property with approximate values. This will become useful when it becomes necessary to determine how property will be divided and in preparing a statement of net worth.
  3. Prepare a package of financial information including but not limited to: tax returns (with W-2s and 1099s), bank statements, securities account information, credit card statements, loan documents, real estate transactions, pay stubs, pension and retirement accounts, health insurance information, professional licenses, etc.
  4. Prepare a list of all the activities you participate in with your children. Be specific, including names of coaches, teachers, dates and times, etc.
  5. Prepare a budget of your and your children's monthly expenses. Again, be as detailed as possible. If you can collect copies of regular bills, then you should keep them.
  6. Clarify for yourself, prior to seeing an attorney, your own important needs, interests and priorities. In other words, what rights, property and interests are you seeking as part of your contested divorce, uncontested divorce and/or legal separation agreement.

Things NOT to DO:

  1. Do not involve or discuss your divorce case with your children in any manner. Judges in divorce actions will not look favorably upon this and it is greatly discouraged.
  2. Do not fight, argue with or disparage your spouse. And never argue with, fight or disparage your spouse in front of your children.
  3. Do not say anything negative about your spouse to your children. This includes not saying anything to third parties who are within the hearing distance of your children. In some cases, disparaging a spouse in front of the children may be seen as an attempt to alienate the children from the spouse and may affect your parental rights.
  4. Do not deny your spouse visitation or access to your children. If there are issues of domestic violence, abuse, maltreatment, neglect, etc., you should bring this to the attention of your attorney and follow their advice.
  5. Do not change the locks or deny your spouse entry to the residence without the advice and direction of your lawyer.

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