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The criminal defense attorneys of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, can be regularly found in the Mount Kisco Justice Court defending clients arrested and accused of criminal, DWI and traffic offenses. If you have received a speeding or traffic ticket, or have been arrested, accused of a crime or facing criminal charges in Mount Kisco, NY, you need to contact our criminal, DWI and traffic defense attorneys to safeguard your rights and freedom. Our Westchester County criminal defense lawyers in Mount Kisco have a record of success at every stage of the criminal process. Whether its prior to arraignment or indictment, preparing and defending you at trial, negotiating a favorable plea or assisting with a probation/parole violation, we will make sure that you are protected.

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In every case, our defense lawyers will utilize their over 50 years of combined experience in the courtroom to protect our clients from criminal convictions and the penalties that those convictions carry. From the beginning, we will immediately begin working with you to explore the facts of your case, develop a defense strategy and help you avoid a criminal conviction.

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One of the best assets that our office will offer to our clients is the experience and insight gained from being former Assistant District Attorneys. As former criminal prosecutors in Westchester County, NY and in New York County, NY, we bring a perspective in defending your case that many do not have. We will apply this knowledge to explain the criminal process and show you all of the options available to you in order to challenge the criminal charges against you.

In fact, as an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County, NY, criminal defense attorney Andrew Proto handled criminal cases for the Northern Westchester Branch Office, appearing daily in the criminal courts of Mount Kisco, Bedford, Briarcliff, Lewisboro, Mount Pleasant, New Castle, North Salem, Ossining Town, Ossining Village, Pleasantville, Pound Ridge and Somers, NY.

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Mount Kisco Justice Court Information- Mt.Kisco, NY:

The Mount Kisco Justice Court located within the Richard A. Flynn Justice Complex, 40 Green Street, Mt. Kisco, NY 10549, and is home to one of the busiest justice courts in Westchester County, New York. It handles all Criminal Cases, Traffic and Speeding Tickets, Building/Town ordinance violations, Civil and Small Claims arising in the Village/Town.

The Justice Complex also houses the Clerk's Office and the Mount Kisco Police Department. Typical vehicle and traffic cases handled in the Mount Kisco Justice Court include speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, DWI and DWAI arrests, unlicensed operation tickets and other traffic offenses.

Two Justices preside over the Court and rotate in accordance with the posted schedule. The Court is in session every Thursday evening beginning at 7:00PM for all criminal, vehicle and traffic, civil and small claims. A Spanish translator is available during the court sessions.

The Westchester County District Attorney's Office is in charge of prosecuting criminal matters and maintains a Branch Office for Mount Kisco at 25 Moore Avenue, Mt. Kisco New York 10549. Traffic and Local violations are prosecuted by the local Village/Town Prosecutor.