Dobbs Ferry Charges Dismissed

At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP our Dobbs Ferry criminal defense lawyers are published and bestselling authors in the area of New York Criminal Defense & DWI Law. This knowledge and experience allows our attorneys to provide our clients the best possible criminal defense and legal strategy.

Recently, a repeat client of the firm was charged with driving with a suspended driver’s license for driving outside his DWI restricted use license and driving without proper insurance. He was also charged with other misdemeanor and traffic violations.

The DWI defense lawyers of the firm researched the facts of the case, interviewed witnesses, reviewed the law and determined that the charges should be dismissed. Immediately, our lawyers contacted the District Attorney’s Office demanding a withdrawal of the most serious charge.

Without a clear answer from the District Attorney the legal strategy was to make a motion to the Court for a dismissal. Once before the court, and under the threat of a motion, the District Attorney decided to withdraw the charge agreeing that the most serious charge could not be sustained.

This is an example of the experienced and aggressive representation our office provides.

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