White Plains Divorce Lawyers

Experienced White Plains Divorce Lawyers

At the White Plains law office of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP we are dedicated to serving our divorce clients as aggressively and effectively as possible. We use our decades or experience and knowledge of matrimonial law to obtain the best possible results.

All divorce cases in Westchester County are heard in the New York State Supreme Court located in the City of White Plains. Our law office is also located in downtown White Plains, walking distance to court.

If you are contemplating a divorce or are already in the middle of a divorce proceeding you need an experienced divorce attorney to take control of your case. Our approach is simple, we guide our clients through the divorce process, present options, make recommendations and leave the ultimate decision regarding how to proceed to you.

We do not want your cases to devolve into needless conflict resulting in a waste of time and money. We strive to keep your case on track in an efficient manner so you can focus on moving forward with your life.

Divorce – Family Law – Criminal Defense

We practice in three major areas of the law. Divorce, Family Law and Criminal Defense. All these areas of law are interrelated and we have the knowledge with the experience to handle your case no matter what direction it may take.

For example, some client’s cases start out overly complex with a domestic violence issue in criminal court that has also been petitioned in the family court as a family offense with a divorce matter in the Supreme Court. While the law allows simultaneous filings it is a very tough road to navigate without the proper experience in each Court. Fortunately, our divorce lawyers can handle all aspect of any divorce case and this will serve to your advantage.

What is our Approach?

We take a comprehensive team approach to all of our divorce cases. We also work with tax professionals, private investigators, social workers, psychologists and financial planners to help you get the best result and plan for your future.

We know that a divorce proceeding is extremely stressful therefore we make sure you have a total understanding of the process and our legal strategy. We are always your voice of reason and, with your authorization, can act on your behalf so you can direct your energy and attention of your family and profession needs.

Who are our Divorce Clients?

We represent men and women in all divorce proceedings. Our extensive experience allows us to take your position no matter where you stand in the marriage. We have represented high net-worth clients, business owners, stay at home moms, retirees, individuals in a short time or long term marriage, highly litigated cases or uncontested divorces. We will meet your needs and effectively advocate on your behalf.

What are the Issues in a Divorce?

As White Plains, divorce lawyers we can immediately identify the major issues in your divorce case. Those issues typical include:

Equitable Distribution

Child Custody & Visitation

Child Support

Alimony or Maintenance

We suggest you review our website and blogs to become more familiar about a White Plains divorce action and what to expect. Always feel free to call us for a free initial consultation. We can start the divorce process or take over a case in the middle of litigation.

Client Contact

As your attorneys we place a premium on personal service. We know a divorce action is likely the most important matter in your life at the moment and we are available at all times. We first really get to know and understand the facts of your case, what you want, always keep an open line of communication and we will keep you fully informed of all developments in your case as well as your options and likelihood of success.

We keep in contact with our clients by telephone, e-mail and office meetings. We understand that emergencies and issues arise before and/or after hours and we are committed to immediately addressing each issue.

Free Consultation

As a White Plains divorce lawyers we offer a free initial consultation so you can see if our firm is a good fit to meet your needs. During the initial consultation we will identify the issues in your case, discuss your options and discuss our fee structure. We want everything to be in the open from the first day.

If you or a loved one is considering a divorce or in the middle of a divorce case call us today to discuss how our attorneys can help you. Our offices are conveniently located in downtown White Plains and our phone number is (914) 946-4808.