Lewisboro Speeding Ticket Reduced | Client Avoids Points on License

Our Westchester traffic ticket defense attorney appeared on behalf of a client facing a 6 point speeding ticket in the Lewisboro Justice Court.

The Lewisboro Justice Court, located in the Town of Lewisboro, 20 North Salem Road, Cross River, New York 10518 (on the lower level of the shopping plaza), convenes every Monday night at 6:30 p.m., except Holidays. Located 50 miles north of New York City on the Connecticut border, Lewisboro is comprised of the villages and hamlets of Goldens Bridge, Vista, South Salem, Waccabuc, Cross River, Boutonville, Lake Katonah, Truesdale Lake, Twin Lakes Village.

Experienced Westchester Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyers for Lewisboro, NY

The Lewisboro attorneys of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, have defended countless individuals in the Lewisboro Justice Court. If you have received a speeding, cell phone or traffic ticket in the Town of Lewisboro, you need proven defense attorneys with over 50 years of combined experience to protect your rights and driver’s license.

Our criminal defense attorneys will immediately begin working with you to explore the facts of your case, develop a defense strategy and help you avoid a criminal conviction.

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What you should do if you receive a Traffic ticket in Lewisboro, NY?

If you receive a speeding ticket in the Town of Lewisboro it is important that you first read the ticket carefully and complete the “Not Guilty” section of the ticket. By entering the not guilty plea quickly, you protect your driver’s license from suspension or revocation.

DO NOT ignore your traffic ticket. Failing to answer or appear in court for the ticket may result in your driving privileges being suspended or revoked. This can occur even if you are an out-of-state licensed driver. It’s not uncommon for people who ignore or forget about their tickets to be found guilty in their absence.

A license revocation or suspension resulting from an unanswered ticket could end up costing you more than the fines and surcharges associated with the initial ticket as insurance premiums may increase for several years and you will be responsible for paying a mandatory $300.00 driver’s assessment fee.

If you have given a traffic ticket in Lewisboro, you should call our proven Westchester County traffic ticket attorneys and speeding ticket lawyers for a free consultation.

Can my lawyer really beat my traffic ticket in the Lewisboro Justice Court?

Yes we can. In fact, we have a proven track record of successfully defending our clients in the Lewisboro Justice Court.

Just recently, our traffic ticket defense lawyers successfully defended at trial a six (6) point speeding ticket where it was alleged that our client was driving 87 mph in a 65 mph zone. The case was successfully negotiated down to a zero point violation with a minor fine.

Our experienced defense lawyers are ready to fight your speeding ticket, cell phone ticket or traffic matter and help you avoid unnecessary costs and points against your license.

In most cases, we can even make sure that your daily life is not impacted by helping you to avoid having to appear in court.

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