Recently a driver who received a cell phone ticket in Tarrytown, New York contacted our office and explained that he had received a cell phone ticket in Tarrytown, New York. As the driver explained, the driver's employment was dependent upon maintaining no points on their driver's license and as a result the seemingly unbeatable cell phone ticket was frightening. The facts were that the driver was proceeding west on Main Street in Tarrytown when a police officer claimed to have observed the driver talking on his cell phone while he was driving in stop and go traffic. When the driver appeared on their own behalf they were told that the police officer would reduce the ticket to a two point ticket. It was a take it or go to trial situation. The driver, knowing that a two point ticket would result in losing their job had no choice. He had to go to trial. That is when he came to our firm and hired our Tarrytown cell phone ticket lawyer. The result of the trial, cell phone ticket dismissed. Interestingly, the cell phone ticket was dismissed because the police officer did not fully understand the cell phone ticket law and should not have issued the ticket in the first instance.

Hiring a cell phone ticket lawyer for a Tarrytown New York cell phone ticket

Cell phone ticket laws throughout New York State are now amongst the toughest cell phone ticket laws in the country. If a driver is convicted of a using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, 5 points will be assigned to their driver's license. In addition, the driver will have to pay a substantial fine and face the likelihood that their insurance premium will go up dramatically.

In Tarrytown, as is the case throughout Westchester County, cell phone tickets are very common. One reason for this fact is that drivers who are issued cell phone tickets in Tarrytown and Westchester County do not properly understand the cell phone ticket laws. As a consequence, the driver faces and even greater disadvantage when they walk into the courtroom to defend against their cell phone ticket. As illustrated by the recent Tarrytown cell phone ticket client mentioned above, hiring an attorney to defend against your cell phone ticket in Tarrytown or anywhere Westchester County can make a difference.

Free Consultations for Tarrytown cell phone tickets

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