Mount Kisco Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Mount Kisco Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Speeding tickets will always have a negative impact on a motorist's driver's license and insurance rates. With the increased court fines, increased insurance rates, license suspension/revocation and the potential for financial penalties from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) it is always recommended to challenge any speeding ticket or other violation of the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

As traffic ticket lawyers in Westchester County our law firm regularly appear in the Westchester County courts and courts of the surrounding counties. Our first goal is to have the ticket dismissed. We have represented countless traffic ticket clients in all of Westchester County and understand exactly what needs to be done to protect our client's licenses and insurance.

Mount Kisco Speeding Charge

For example, recently in the Justice Court of Mount Kisco our client has a high speeding charge with multiple prior Vehicle and Traffic Law violations already on his license. Our client was in a tough position but our legal strategy was to attack the ticket itself and the supporting paperwork. After arguments with the prosecutor and judge it was clearly determined that the paperwork was insufficient and the charge was dismissed.

Our aggressive traffic ticket representation took advantage of the weaknesses in the prosecution's case and resulted in the court agreeing that the speeding ticket must be dismissed.

Defense of Traffic Tickets

Every motorist that is issued a traffic ticket has a different set of factual circumstances and different legal defenses to the traffic ticket. As a traffic ticket lawyer some of these defenses do not even present themselves until the first court date. The top traffic ticket lawyers know that the traffic ticket defense is an ongoing process and you always need to be looking for legal and factual defenses to have the traffic ticket dismissed.

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Our lawyers have decades of experience handling countless traffic ticket cases. We are aggressive attorneys who always make ourselves available to help you.

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