White Collar Criminal Defense

New York White Collar Crimes

In New York State White Collar crimes are prosecuted in the State Court and/or in Federal Court. White Collar crimes usually can also involve civil litigation. White Collar crimes are generally non-violent offenses that fall into the broad category of fraud. These offenses include but are not limited to health care fraud, bank fraud, check fraud, insurance fraud, securities fraud, credit card fraud, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, computer/Internet fraud, identity theft, tax crimes and bribery.

The main elements of most White Collar crimes involve false statements, misrepresentation of facts, concealment and theft.

Those accused of White Collar crimes are usually professionals with State or Federal licenses and high profile positions in private or public industry. An investigation or arrest for a White Collar crime is an emotional experience that can devastate an accused's professional license, reputation, standing in the community and importantly personal family life.

The Federal Government and State Government Prosecutors

In the Federal Courts prosecutions are investigated and prosecuted by United States Attorneys. In New York State the County District Attorney's Office will investigate and prosecute White Collar crimes. Since most White Collar crimes cross State lines the Federal Government is usually involved.

The penalties for a White Collar crimes are very serious and can result in long prison sentences. In the Federal Court sentencing guidelines are consulted by a Federal Judge and considering a number of factors they establish a recommendation to the Federal Judge for sentencing. Other consequences include, probation, fines, restitution, loss of professional licenses and forfeiture.

White Collar Crimes, Criminal Defense Attorney

In the area of White Collar criminal defense an attorney should be hired as soon as possible. Even in the investigation stage it is always advised to have a top white collar criminal defense attorney. Law Enforcement has unlimited resources and involving a criminal defense attorney early will help protect your rights.

It is NOT advisable to speak with law enforcement or cooperate in any manner until you have consulted with an experienced White Collar criminal defense attorney.

A common approach is to have the criminal defense attorney contact law enforcement well before an arrest. The attorney can help determine if an individual is just part of an investigation or a target of an arrest. If a target of arrest a defense strategy should be immediately prepared.

White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys - Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP

At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP we represent clients in both New York State and Federal Courts in all types of White Collar Crimes. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to protect your interests. Our lawyers' main goal, if contacted early enough, is to resolve potential criminal liability BEFORE and arrest. Many White Collar "crimes" are potential civil actions and do not belong in criminal court. The reason why they end up in criminal court, under certain circumstances, is that the complainant does not have the resources to fund a lengthy litigation and use the government for an arrest and collect money they feel is owed.

If you or someone you love is investigated or arrested for a White Collar crime contact the law firm of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP for a Free Legal Consultation.