Traffic Speeding Ticket Dismissed at Trial

Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers

Your license to drive is a very important privilege since it is necessary for most people to get to work, school or other important events. If you get a traffic ticket, the resulting points and fines may greatly impact that privilege and insurance.

New York's point system for speed violations is particularly tough...a simple 76 mph ticket on an open 55 mph highway will give you half the points allowed on your driver's license before you driver's license is suspended.

With so much at stake and penalties being so high, it is never advisable to plea guilty or accept a bad plea bargain. The affect on your car insurance rates and your driving record can be felt for years. Protect your rights, contact the proven New York speeding ticket defense lawyers of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP, who are familiar with the laws, the local courts and will work to defend against the negative consequences that may result from your traffic ticket.

Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Kent Town Court

An individual charged with speeding on interstate 84 in the Town of Kent, New York and facing a 6 point violation (over 20 mph over the speed limit) on his driver's license, turned to the traffic ticket defense lawyers of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP to help defend his rights. When the matter was called for trial, our firm obtained a dismissal of the speeding ticket. With the dismissal, the matter was closed and the client did not receive any points, no fines or surcharges were assessed and the client's insurance was unaffected.