Local Arrests

Local Arrests

Any arrest in Westchester County or elsewhere should be taken very seriously. The most important part of an arrest for an accused is to hire a top criminal defense lawyer to aggressively protect your rights and challenge the arrest.

Mount Vernon Arrest

Recently, in Mount Vernon a motorist was stopped for driving the wrong way on the Saw Mill River Parkway also in New Rochelle a man was found to have driven six miles in the wrong direction on interstate 95. Driving situations such as these will lead to a police investigation and possible DWI or reckless driving arrests.

Carmel Arrests

In Carmel, New York a man who worked at Putnam Hospital was charged with the theft of medical supplies. This was the result of a five month investigation. The man was charged with a larceny theft, a misdemeanor. The policies of the District Attorney's Offices in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess Orange and Rockland Counties are to prosecute those charged with stealing from an employer as those DA offices consider such thefts a violation of employment and trust with the employer. It is critical to defend those charges as soon as possible.

In Carmel Court a man was arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) after an accident involving personal property. The police at the scene conducted an investigation and the accused was taken to the hospital.

White Plains Arrests

In White Plains City Court a man driving a minivan driver was arrested for a "hit and run" or Leaving the Scene of an Accident, with personal injuries, after he returned to the scene a short time later. That charge is a crime and can have serious consequences for one's license and insurance rates. Such crimes if not properly defended can open a motorist up to civil liability as well.

Peekskill Arrest

In Peekskill City Court a Cortlandt man faces a felony drug charge after he was found with cocaine during a traffic stop. The police claim the accused was searching for documents when the officer saw a plastic bag containing cocaine on the vehicle's floor.

The Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is very important to obtain a top criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Some people, once they learn they are being investigated by the police, hire a criminal defense attorney to help determine a criminal defense strategy to even prevent an arrest.

A criminal defense lawyer can explain the process, the charge(s) and the best criminal defense. Usually the earlier the criminal defense lawyer is hired the more effective they can be at protecting an accused rights.

If you or a loved on is in the need of a criminal defense lawyer contact the law firm of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP for a free consultation.