DWI Defense in White Plains, New York

White Plains DWI Criminal Defense

The City of White Plains has increasing road blocks and vehicle stops to enforce the New York State DWI Laws. It is becoming more common to have a DWI arrest in the City of White Plains or the surrounding towns of Greenburgh, Mount Pleasant, Scarsdale, Elmsford and Rye Town or City Court. Several roads all merge in or around White Plains and DWI enforcement is intense in all these areas. It is common to find a check point in front of the County Center in White Plains on Tarrytown (Rt. 119) Road and/or Mamaroneck Road in White Plains.

The DWI Arrest

In Westchester County and the surrounding counties of Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and the Bronx it is very important to immediately call a top DWI lawyer to protect your rights. An aggressive attorney will provide a consultation and give you legal advice about the DWI process and how to protect your driver's license. In some instances where a person is injured, a child is in the car or multiple prior DWI arrests a DWI lawyer can be more effective contacted early (usually within a day or two of the arrest).

The DWI Lawyer

A DWI lawyer must have a great understanding of the DWI laws and procedure. The laws regarding DWI are always changing and the penalties are getting more and more severe, even for the first time DWI offender. The best DWI defense focuses on attacking the prosecutions evidence including the BAC reading, field sobriety tests, the arrest and any violation of Miranda rights.

For example, Andrew Proto, Esq. had the White Plains City Court suppress a client's statements that she had been drinking prior to the arrest due to a Miranda violation and had the same client's .22 BAC level reading suppressed. This resulted in the charge being dismissed. The best defense is an aggressive legal strategy to attack every part of the prosecution's case.

The Hardship Hearing

At arraignment on a DWI charge the accused's license will be suspended pending prosecution. To keep the accused on the road the DWI lawyer needs to make a proper showing on the first day in court to keep the accused driving for work, medical appointments or school. Each court is different regarding how they handle this hearing and each District Attorney's Office has different polices. The DWI lawyer must be properly prepared for the hearing.

The DWI Defense

During the case the DWI lawyer will have an opportunity to test the DA's evidence and formulate a proper strategy. As DWI cases are complex and each case is different therefore proper preparation and knowledge of the DWI laws are essential.

The best DWI lawyers also serve as educations for their clients so they understand the process and all of their options. A client should NEVER walk into court not knowing what to expect.

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