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DWI Defense in the Larchmont Justice Court

The Village of Larchmont's Justice Court meets on Tuesday evenings on the second floor of the Village Hall located at 120 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont New York. The courthouse is right off Route One next to the fire department. There is parking across the street and all members of the public must pass through a security check point. The Larchmont Justice Court's phone number is (914) 834-6230.

The Westchester County District Attorney's Office (Rye branch office) prosecutes all Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges. It is very important to have a top Westchester County DWI lawyer with you at every court appearance. It is not recommended for any person to appear in court on their first court date without a lawyer.

The DWI process in Larchmont begins with an arraignment on the charge. Most motorists are charged under Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) section 1992. VTL 1192.2 is based upon a blood alcohol content reading above a .08% and VTL 1192.3 is based upon the police officer's observations of intoxication. There is likely to be other tickets for speeding, improper turn, no headlights or any other infraction that lead to the police stopping the motorist's vehicle. There may also be additional criminal DWI charges for refusing to submit to a chemical test or aggravated DWI. Each case is different and needs to be defended according to the specific facts of the DWI case.

In the Larchmont Court, during the arraignment paperwork is submitted to the motorist's attorney and the court will automatically suspend a motorist's driver's license if the BAC reading is above a .08% pending the prosecution of the DWI charge. It is very important to have a Westchester County DWI lawyer with you during the arraignment as it is at that time an application must be made for a special license issued by the court to allow the motorist to drive in New York for limited purposes such as employment. This is commonly known as the hardship license. If the motorist refused a chemical test the motorist's license must be surrendered pending the outcome of a DMV administrative refusal hearing. The hearing date will be scheduled at the arraignment and is held at the DMV offices in Yonkers, NY at Larkin Plaza.

In Larchmont, depending on the factual circumstances of the case the court may order an alcohol screening by the Westchester County TASC program. At our law office we direct our client's to our private providers as opposed to going through the Westchester County program for numerous strategic reasons.

At the arraignment other legal issues will be discussed such as continuation of bail or other legal matters. In the simplest form the above is what a motorist can expect in the Larchmont Court during the initial stages of a DWI prosecution.

Clearly, this is not something you want to handle alone or with an attorney unfamiliar with the Larchmont Court.

Connecticut driver's must be aware of the consequences of a DWI arrest in the Village of Larchmont and the consequences on their out of state license. Our attorneys will be able to guide out of state drivers through the process to protect their license and insurance during a New York DWI arrest.

If you or a loved one has a DWI charge in the Larchmont Justice Court call our office today for a free consultation. We can start representation at any stage of the case and aggressively defend the charges.

DWI charges are very serious and require a skilled attorney familiar with the process in the Larchmont Court and in Westchester County. Our Westchester County DWI lawyers are former Westchester County Prosecutors and are very familiar with the District Attorney's policies and the procedures in the Larchmont Court.

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