Understanding Marital Assets in Divorce

Recently, we represented a Husband (our client) who earned in excess of $4,000,000.00 in income on the prior year's tax return. Wife was a stay-at-home mother who did not earn any income. Wife's request for both temporary and permanent spousal maintenance was denied based upon our argument that there were sufficient marital assets for the wife to be financially self-sufficient, and therefore the Husband should not be obligated to pay any spousal maintenance. The Judge agreed with our arguments saving our client what would have been substantial payments..

The laws regarding spousal maintenance and child support can be complex especially in long term marriages with high incomes. Our Westchester County Divorce Lawyers have the experience to guide you through these laws to reach your desired result.

Wife told to get a job by Judge

Recently, in the Westchester County Supreme Court our divorce lawyers obtained a victory for our client (Husband) whose wife refused to obtain employment at the time of the divorce.

Wife had a bachelor's degree and limited prior work history, however at the time of the divorce she was unemployed by choice, and refusing to work. We obtained a vocational evaluation on behalf of the husband to determine wife's actual earning capacity. The evaluation was used to impute income to the wife, thereby limiting the husband's spousal maintenance obligation, as the wife possessed a bachelor's degree, was of working age, and had the ability to work and be self-supporting.

Our divorce lawyers are experienced and knowledge about the New York Divorce Laws and Divorce procedures in Westchester County, New York to help you obtain the best result for your case.

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