Westchester County Divorce Court Appearances

Westchester County Divorce Lawyers, White Plains, NY

As divorce lawyers there are multiple issues that need to be addressed and worked on before every court appearance. These issues generally include equitable distribution, maintenance, division of debts and assets, child custody, support and visitation.

At Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP we do not forget to prepare our clients for each and every court appearance. We make sure you will understand what will happen in court and importantly how to act during the court appearance.

The Westchester County Court Appearance

In Westchester County all divorce matters are heard on the 10 th floor of the Westchester County Courthouse located at 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in White Plains. There is ample parking below the courthouse or across the street at the Galleria mall.

During the initial court appearances a Court Attorney Referee (CAR) will coordinate discovery (exchange of documents) and motion practice.

In Court, before a CAR or Judge you can expect to appear with your attorney and with your spouse and their attorney. All conferences are private.

During the later appearances you can expect to appear before a New York State Supreme Court Judge. This usually happens at the first pre-trial conference when the CAR hands the case off to the Supreme Court Judge.

Regardless of who you are appearing before it is important to remember a few general rules:

  1. Dress appropriately for court.Suits are not required but business casual shows the court you respect the process.

  2. The 10 th floor of the courthouse is usually very crowded with litigants and attorneys.It is not a comfortable place to wait. Be patient.

  3. Unless instructed to by your attorney try to bring as few items as possible with you.This will make you more comfortable.

  4. While waiting for your case to be called it is not the time to have an in depth conversation about the issues of your divorce with your attorney.Our attorneys have conversations with our clients before court either in the office or over the telephone.You will be prepared for court.

  5. You may communicate with your spouse or witnesses while waiting for your case to be called before a CAR or a judge.

  6. When asked questions by the court always tell the truth, focus on the question and only answer the questions asked.Take your time when answering a question.

  7. It is not wise to be sarcastic to the Judge, CAR, opposing counsel or your spouse.

  8. Do not interrupt the judge or try to talk over the judge.

  9. Always answer a question orally.Do not nod or shake your head.Speak clearly and loudly as a stenographer will be writing a record of everything said in court.

  10. If you need to speak privately with your attorney just ask.

This process can be confusing and foreign. Always ask questions to your attorney. At our law office we want you to understand the process and have a realistic expectation of outcomes.

After your Court Appearance

After court, our attorneys will review with you what happened during the court appearance and what needs to take place moving forward. Our attorneys are always available to review legal strategy and make adjustments as necessary. Your input and voice is essential to your case.

Our goal is always to obtain for you the best possible result either at the negotiating table or from a judge's final determination.

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