Felony Drug Charges Dismissed

Felony New York Drug Charges Dismissed

Recently, the criminal defense team at the law firm of Proto, Sachs & Brown, LLP had a set of felony criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal sale of a controlled substance charges dismissed in the Town of Hunter Court. The remaining charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the 7th degree, a misdemeanor charge, was reduced to a non-criminal offense resulting in a fine. As an added victory the remaining marijuana charge was converted to a non-criminal, non-drug offense protecting our client's ability to receive financial aid for college.

Our lawyers at the White Plains law firm located in Westchester County, New York aggressively represents all clients charged with any criminal offense including serious felony drug charges. In this matter our client was charged with bringing large amounts of ketamine, drug paraphernalia and marijuana into the Mountain Jam Music Festival located in Hunter, New York. The client a young college student from out of town could not afford any criminal conviction. At first our client was under an extreme amount of pressure and stress as a result of the criminal charges but our criminal defense attorneys were able to attack the case and over the course of the litigation negotiated a very favorable resolution for the client to protect the client and the client's future.

The Criminal Defense

As criminal defense attorneys in Westchester County we attack every aspect of the District Attorney's case and explore every defense to get the best result possible for all our clients. We negotiate with the District Attorney, investigate the strength the prosecution's case and if necessary we are always ready for trial.

Importantly, we remain available to meet with our clients and/or speak with our clients over the telephone, if necessary, on nights and weekends. In this particular case since the client lived out of town numerous telephone calls and meets had to be scheduled after regular business hours. Our clients do not feel lost or uninformed they are always active participants in the defense of their case.

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