Greenburgh NY Speeding Tickets Dismissed

Speeding Tickets Dismissed in Greenburgh, NY located in Westchester County

Recently, two separate and unrelated drivers hired our firm after receiving 6 point speeding tickets in Greenburgh, NY. One driver was a junior in college and the other driver was a senior in high school. Both drivers were driving their parent's vehicles at the time they received their speeding tickets. Neither client had any points on their driver's licenses.

Our firm's Greenburgh, NY speeding ticket lawyer appeared in Court to defend against the speeding tickets on the same date. As is typical with speeding tickets in the Greenburgh Court, and as is the case with other courts in Westchester County, both cases were discussed with the Greenburgh speeding ticket prosecutor prior to being heard by the Greenburgh Judge. In both cases, due to the very high speeds that our clients were allegedly traveling, the prosecutor would only agree to reduce the 6 point speeding tickets to a 3 point speeding ticket in each instance. The prosecutor cited her long standing policy that she does not agree to reduce 6 point speeding tickets to anything but a 3 point speeding ticket. Despite this, our Greenburgh, NY speeding ticket lawyer continued to fight for a better outcome.

After discussing the speeding tickets with the prosecutor our Greenburgh speeding ticket lawyer appeared before the Judge and argued vigorously that in both instances the Judge should override the prosecutor's position and that both speeding tickets should be reduced to NO POINT non-moving traffic infractions.

The result, the judge accepted the arguments of our Greenburgh speeding ticket lawyer and agreed to reduce the 6 point speeding tickets to NO POINT parking tickets which will not be reported to the DMV.

Necessity of hiring a Greenburgh, NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding tickets in Greenbugh, NY are extremely common. This is due to the fact that many different highways pass through the Court's jurisdiction. Because of this fact, speeding tickets are aggressively prosecuted in the Greenburgh Court. As a result, a driver with a speeding ticket in Greenburgh should strongly consider hiring an experienced and aggressive Greenburgh NY speeding ticket lawyer to defend against their ticket.

As is clear from both speeding ticket cases discussed above, hiring an effective Greenburgh speeding ticket lawyer made the difference between both drivers having 3 points on their license and having no points on their driver's license. In both instances, each driver will continue to have no points on their driver's licenses.

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