Petit Larceny Charge Dismissed

Petit Larceny

A Petit Larceny charge is a class "A" misdemeanor, punishable with up to one year in jail, three years probation and/or fines with a New York State mandatory surcharge (State Tax)

Pleasantville Arrest

An employee of a local business was charged with a larceny theft from her local employer in the Pleasantville Justice Court in New York.

Attorney Andrew Proto, successfully negotiated a dismissal of the charge with the District Attorney's Office. The dismissal included, NO jail, NO Probation, NO Fine, a removal of the charge from the client's criminal history (RAP) sheet and a return of all fingerprints and photographs taken by the police department. The remaining file will also be destroyed.

The client will not have to report the arrest to future employers or make mention of the arrest to any third party.

An aggressive criminal defense is essential to protecting an accused rights.